AIS is a condominium manager since 1969, date of its creation. Present on the towns of St Gervais, Megeve, Combloux, Chamonix, Les Houches, Sallanches, AIS remains a trustee recognized by the co-owners for his listening skills, availability, rigor in accounting and legal knowledge.
Its main mission: to satisfy customers demands while respecting the rules.

Our role

  • Regular checks and technical follow up of the building
  • Preparation of General Meetings
  • Regular communication with the Board and Co-owners
  • Monitoring and expert claims follow up
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Implementation of building regulations
  • Control and monitoring of the work and decisions of General Meeting
  • Negotiating contracts and markets
  • Develop budgets and cost control
  • Monitoring the building staff
  • Developing an annual management report and forecast budget with the co-owners council

Our current Management

  • Edition and sending of notices and convocations of General Meeting
  • Sending and monitoring of requests for quotes and intervention
  • Monitoring of claim files, books and expert damage with the Manager
  • permanent communication with owners and suppliers
  • Administrative follow up


  • Control of invoices and contracts increase
  • Management of reminders and unpaid
  • Annual inspection of accounts with members of the co-ownership council
  • Closing and reedition of the accounts
  • Launch of fundraising
  • Responding to various requests
  • Performing dated statements and other information to Notaries
  • Management of building staff

AIS TRUSTEE: A team attentive to your needs and manage your condominium closer to your needs!